Over 1 million Belgians moved last year. So many can agree that there is a lot involved in such a move. That’s why energy supplier essent.be is launching ikgaverhuizen.be, a moving platform full of handy tips and useful facts that you can keep in mind when planning a move. The partner of the project is Moveria, the largest moving platform in Europe.

Platform for 1 million Belgians
That 1 million Belgians change places seems a lot, but it’s not. People move more often because of population growth and the increase in single-person households.

Both the practical side, such as transporting a refrigerator, and legal information, such as leave days, are addressed. In addition to moving tips, the platform also offers a moving guide.

Brian Kern, spokesperson for essent.be, explains the initiative: “This platform is intended to bring order to the chaos that a move often causes and thus also take away some of the stress”.

Energy supplier becomes service supplier
As an energy supplier, essent.be is broadening its offer of energy to a wider range of energy-related services. For example, essent.be already offers smart home applications and solar panels.

“We are constantly looking for new services that make it possible to enjoy life. With Verhuisbedrijf Rotterdam we want to make life easier and more comfortable for consumers.


Have you found your dream house or apartment and are you finally going to move?

Then you probably have a lot on your mind, for example how in God’s name to get all your stuff to the top floor of your house or your apartment on the umpteenth floor. Luckily, you can always use a moving lift. Keep these points in mind!

What type of moving lift do you need?
One moving lift is not the other. That is why it is best to check beforehand which type is most suitable for your situation. You can usually choose between these standard models.
An electric moving lift. This is a moving lift pulled by a van or small truck. It is a very flexible system that usually reaches up to the fifth floor.
Motor lift on truck. This type of lift is perfectly suited for hoisting heavy objects up to 300kg up to 30 metres high. Therefore this lift is also a good solution for a company relocation. A motorcycle lift is usually operated by a professional lessor, making it a slightly more expensive affair.
Manual ladder lift. You can easily set up and operate this lift yourself. They reach an average height of 16 metres and are therefore more suitable for lower apartment buildings.

So be sure to measure the distance the lift has to bridge and ask the rental company what the maximum weight is that the removal lift can carry.